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Attract Women by
Increasing Your Attractiveness

-By Smooth Casanova

Attract Women by Increasing Your AttractivenessThis article builds on my previous article. I finished by mentioning that in order to get used to interacting with women, you should practice saying "Hi" to random people in, say, a mall. This is helpful for when you are out at a real social event, such as a party or out with friends at a bar or a club.

When you first enter the club or party, you should first scan the room to see if you can find any women you are interested in. Get near to her when you get the chance and initiate the conversation with a question. Usually, any question will do - it can be something you notice about her or even the place you are at right then. Once the conversation gets going, keep talking if you like her. More on this later.

There are certain things you must take care of before leaving the house. If you don't take care of these key points, it won't matter how good you are at attracting women because all women will be put off by you.

What are these key points that attract women then?

* Keep clean. Shower before you go out, especially after doing any physical exercise.

* Keep yourself groomed. Generally, women prefer guys who shave, or keep their facial hair neatly trimmed.

* Smell good. A good scent has the same effect on women as a feminine scent has on us guys. It's a turn on! But don't over-do it. A squirt on the wrists, the back of the neck and behind the ears is enough

. * Keep your hands and nails clean and make sure your nails aren't too long.

* Keep hair clean and in control. Short hair is usually better than long hair.

* Keep your clothes clean. Pick a suitable style and make sure the colors match. As a rule, your shoes and belt should be the same color.

These are appearance-related factors.

Besides having these points in check, here are some other important points you should remember and put into practice.

* Eye contact. This is something a lot of shy guys don't do. And by not doing so, the woman subconsciously realizes that they are of lower social status. This kills attraction instantly. This doesn't mean you should keep constant eye contact, as this can come across as creepy. However, most of your conversation should involve eye contact. This lets her know you're not afraid to talk directly to her, and keeps the attraction going. If you wear a shirt or a tie that matches one of the colors in your eyes (the eyes consist of many shades of color), you will notice that it attracts more people to you.

* Humor. Use a bit of wit in your conversation with women. Just don't let your wit hurt other people by putting them down. Not even yourself for that matter. Also, when a woman is talking with you, listen to what she is saying. Women like a guy who can reflect back on what they have said to them.

* Life and career goals. Women want a guy who is independent and can take care of them, even if she is successful herself. Set and meet your own personal goals in life.

* Attitude. Be positive. It makes a real big difference. Don't blame others for your own failures or other negative things, even if they are to blame. Confidence is key to attraction, and women find this confidence and positivity very sexy. Figure out what your strengths are, and work on improving them so they stand out. Know what your weaknesses are, but don't emphasise them. Women - and this is especially true for really attractive ones - get attention from guys all the time. Try to visualize and understand what an attractive woman's day is like when she is approached again and again by guys with the same lines and same character.

In other words, don't be scared of approaching a woman, but at the same time be different from every other guy that has approached her. Don't kiss her ass just because she was born attractive. Don't be boring like all the other men. Be confident when you approach, and don't back down out of an approach. A normal conversation is all it takes for the most part, as well as strong eye contact.

When a woman is really beautiful, it can make you nervous, but try not to be intimidated by her beauty. She's just human after all and would appreciate you treating her as one. This means that you should be more interested in who she is, her personality, rather than her beauty. What makes her more special than any other woman?

Try to find out who she is, what her goals in life are, what she enjoys doing. Be interested by these qualities instead. These tips will help you get ahead of the game and know what most men out there don't know. Now go and make use of them.

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