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Intro to Learning to
Approach, Attract & Seduce Women

Newbies Guide to Attracting Women - Where to Start

-By Smooth Casanova

Introduction to Attracting WomenFACT: If you create more attraction inside of a woman than is created by the guy she is currently with, then the chances of her getting with you are very high.

Still, it is up to the woman whether or not she would rather be with you or with the guy she is currently with, and this can depend on factors such as what she wants out of this and also what you have to offer. However, something you should keep in mind is that if any particular woman is able to leave her current "boyfriend" for you, then she is just as likely to leave you for some other guy who creates more attraction inside of her than you do.

You must remember that in order to attract and seduce women who are already in relationships, the same rules of attraction apply as with single women. Many guys feel that there's something special you must do in order to attract women who are in relationships. Not true! Of course, there are always exceptions, and if you've done everything right, these exceptions will be because of something outside of your control.

This article is aimed at guys who are new to the rules of attraction when it comes to women. In order to seduce women, it requires some knowledge of certain mechanisms and rules that have been tried and tested by many "dating experts" and their students.

If you are new to the study of attraction,
then this is definitely for you.

Pay attention and understand that some of the things you'll read here will be completely new to you.

You may have friends who always have dates whilst you wait and wait and have no success. You may even feel lonely because of this. When you go out, you may feel insecure, shy and very self-conscious about how you act and talk to other people, especially when talking to women.

I remember feeling that way a while back. I used to hate going to bars or out with a group of friends to parties and the like. And sure, I'd see girls who seemed to show me some interest, but I just didn't know what to do. And eventually, the party would be over, or the girl would have left, and I used to be angry at myself for not being able to step up.

The first step you should take if you are serious about getting this part of your life handled is getting out and socializing more. If you are out there in the field, you get a feel for how this whole thing works, and it will only work if you are out in the field. You may even find yourself observing how other people interact, and to what level their interaction goes. This helps you get a feel for what works and what doesn't.

Make plans with your friends, and stick to them.

If you make arrangements like this, you are less likely to bail on them. One technique that is commonly used, and one that I myself have used in order to help me feel more comfortable interacting with people, is going to a mall and talking to random people. A simple "Hi" will do wonders for your confidence.

What you'll find is that people
aren't so scary to talk to after all.

Most are nice people, and will smile back and say hi, or even stop and talk to you! You could even go one step further and ask a default question to everyone you say hi to. This will help you talk for the sake of talking, with nothing expected in return, other than a pleasant interaction and more experience under your belt.

You may even use this method when you're out somewhere with friends or at a party. All it takes is a simple "Hi" to begin with, and as you get more confident and comfortable interacting with people, you can ask a question that will open them for further interaction.

If you feel you can't dive right into this by initiating a conversation with women, try it with men first. Then work your way up to speaking with women. There are some key things to remember about women though. I will discuss these key points in the next article, where I will also go over some vital steps that you must take when meeting a woman you want to approach and seduce.

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